DIAKRON will relaunch, publishing the first two issues of our online journal.

For Issue 1: The Effects of Art we have invited contributors to address the effects art has in the world, beyond the immediate and easily traceable intended institutional effects, and the tools we employ to reckon with those very processes.

The contributors are: Irit Rogoff & Florian Schneider, Stephen Wright, Pascal Gielen, Thomas Ulrik Madsen and Simon O’Sullivan.

For Issue 2: Infrastructure we have invited contributors to address the role of infrastructure in the field of art, to envision new types of infrastructure as well as to differentiate key concepts and structures already in place.

The contributors are: Mikkel Bogh, Benedikte Bjerre, Amitai Romm, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Søren Andreasen and Willy Ørskov.