Artistic Practice and Systems Change: A Mission-oriented Sector of Art

In 2018 I received a phd scholarship, for a project titled “Artistic Practice and Systems Change”. The project elaborates a framework for a mission-oriented sector of art, based on foundational principles of diversification of the sector of art, as guided by articulate missions and directions, adding up to ecosystems of art, capable of ongoing adaption and reinvention.

Furthermore, the project includes fragments and outtakes from projects I’ve worked on between 2018-21, which in different ways delineate their own parts of the overall sector of art. This includes strategic and developmental work done in the context of UKK, Organization for Artists, Curators and Art Mediators, an art strategy and the first steps of its implementation, at The Department of Computer Science at Copenhagen University and early steps towards some form of coordination across actors and projects in the space of artistic, science and technological development work at a global level.

The PhD is expected to conclude in 2021. The final work package will be published here when it is ready.

The PhD is funded by The Novo Nordisk Foundation, hosted by The Laboratory for Art Research at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Visual Arts and administered by Institute for Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. My supervisor is professor Jacob Wamberg.