Primer is a platform for artistic and organizational development. It is located in the headquarters of Aquaporin.


Aquaporin is a global water technology company, dedicated to water purification through the use of biotechnological techniques and thinking. A key component of Aquaporin’s technology is the water channel protein aquaporin which “facilitates rapid, highly selective water transport”. In short, it provides an energy efficient method of separating water from x. Aquaporin employs an open innovation business model, which in practice means that they allow for external partners and collaborators, to develop technologies, products and other application types on top of their fundamental innovation. The headquarters of Aquaporin in Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, spans 7000m2 of open factory space, laboratories, meeting rooms and offices.

Artistic development

Artists are invited to utilize Primer and Aquaporin at large as an occasion to develop their practice. With this emphasis we intend to facilitate an open model where artists can utilize the situation for developmental purposes as well as display. Primer is intended as a platform for production, development and support for artists and the field of art in general, exploring its introduction into new spaces and professions.

Curatorial approach

Primer curates select material to support, diversify or complement what is currently on display.


Alongside the artistic development projects, we will initiate a program of research. This may take the shape of transdisciplinary collaborations, long-term investigations, public events and discussions. The interest is to explore the relations of art to science, technology and organizational development. Our hope is to create sustained proximity between otherwise disparate fields of practice. What this will lead to, is one of the main questions behind Primer.

Organizational development

Primer is an effort to develop a new type of organization. We believe that renewing relations between artistic, scientific, technological and business practices necessitates novel organisational forms. Primer accepts the inherited differences between said practices as a starting point, for exploring possible links and unexpected commonalities between them. The organizational efforts to establish Primer on the thresholds of science, industry and art, are as important as the artistic and curatorial work. The development of Primer as an organization is an experiment that will be documented, discussed and communicated.